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Radius & Dominion Towers 1 & 2, Calgary 


Dominion Tower 1, Calgary 

MPN Electrical LTD.

For over 20 years, our professionally managed teams have successfully completed projects in a spectrum of electrical applications. Through careful planning, attention to detail and strong communication, we remain focused on our clients’ needs.

Our people are central to delivering on our promises and continuing success. They assume full accountability for every detail, decision, and action to ensure all projects under our watch, regardless of magnitude or location, are completed to the highest possible standards.

Our Business

MPN Electrical LTD. and its subsidiary MPN Pacific Electrical LTD. are second-generation family-owned businesses that take great pride in that. Building on the legacy of Eric McLean, the founder, MPN's second generation are highly motivated and forward-thinking business people. They are constantly seeking new opportunities to expand their business and make it more visible to developers across Canada.

At MPN, we have a team of highly skilled project managers and estimators who are among the best in the industry. We can provide design build services for projects of any size and offer value engineering to help keep your project within budget. With our extensive network of suppliers and sub trades, we are equipped to support the timely and cost-effective completion of your project.

At MPN, safety is our top priority. We are COR certified in both Alberta and BC, and we make sure that safety measures are implemented on every job site every day.

Baden Park Sales Centre, North Vancouver 

Our Values

At the center of MPN’s success are our core values. The management team strives to ensure that all decisions made within the day-to-day activities of the company maintain and communicate these values:

Industrial Building

Client Focus

Listen to and understand our clients’ requirements and strive to exceed their expectations.

Spiral Stairways

Teamwork & Safety

Support, cooperate and share ideas to achieve our business goals and prioritize an injury and incident free workplace by maintaining our position as an industry leader.

Geometric Curved Podium

Results Orientated

Prioritize and focus our efforts on activities that will drive quality and results.

Development of People

Enhance individual effectiveness through development and training while encouraging self-growth.

Concrete Structure

Respect & Ethics

Foster an environment that recognizes and thrives on respect of all stakeholders.

Hardwood Floor

Open Communication

Ensure that clear, candid, timely and accurate information is communicated throughout MPN in all directions.

Get in Touch

405 Forge RD SE Calgary AB T2N 1W6


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